Welcome to Sikamikanico Blogs, home on the web for politics, social issues and mirth by me, Nicola Bell.

I'm a Newcastle bred, Sydney based policy wonk, social commentator and freelance writer; about-to-be-qualified sociologist and sloppy dresser (I blame the fact I'm a really weird bra size. Also, I've got the widest feet you've ever seen. Really! They're bizarre. Like flippers).

After bumming around for a bit after school, I fell into a grey carpeted corporate box and ended up surviving ten years in the cubicle trenches, mostly in advertising. It was then, with a shaky marriage, a toddler and precarious employment, I thought "you know what's a great idea right now? Going back to uni". And there I remain, albeit without the marriage or toddler (mostly cause the "toddler" is now at school), at a different uni and without being able to remember why this seemed a good idea in the first place. I came out as bisexual last year which means that under current Australian law, half of me can get married and the other half can't.

I'm a moderate radical democratic socialist. Yes, that's a thing. My focus issues are economic justice and inequality, women's and children's rights, and socialist democracy. We need to overthrow neoliberalism and create a new socio-economic system that respects human dignity and guarantees everyone a basic set of human rights. Then we can worry about pronouns.

For the purposes of disclosure, I've been a Greens member for several years. They're like family - we have our ups and downs, and I certainly don't agree with them about everything but I feel their agenda is the closest match in the mainstream political sphere to the values I hold dear.

I've been on Blogger since 2004, originally at the now-retired Xander and Nico Pod (though I've moved some of the less-heinous content over here) and now at Sikamikanico Blogs since 2011. Either way there's tonnes of archives there to wade through.

I've haven't published in a number of years - too busy killing time - but in the past my writing has been featured in Opus, the University of Newcastle student paper; Crikey; the online Wall Street Journal; No Fibs and the Down Under Feminists Blog Carnival. I've also been interviewed on radio including ABC Sydney 702, ABC Newcastle 1233 and 2SER; and for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers. I've got a great face for radio.

I'm always interested in opportunities for writing, speaking on radio and social activism, so if you think we could work together, please drop me a line. Or just say hello - I love to hear from the tremendous people who read my blog.