Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Now She Thinks She's A 1990s Stand Up Comic

But seriously forks, what's with dontdatehimgirl.com? I mean, have you seen this thing?

Basically, it's a site where women can post profiles and pictures of their exes, listing all the dastardly things they've done, in order to to warn future victims. The current affairs shows are up in arms over it, wheeling out psychologists who condemn the posters as vengeful saddos needing to get on with their lives (you'd think ACA, Today Tonight et al would love the site - it "names and shames", after all!). Anyway, with the usual rigorous quality control standards which we all have come to expect from the internet, it's a morass of slander, innuendo and (this is what really gets me) lousy spelling. Of course, there are utter bastards out there, but there are also vindictive people putting unwarranted profiles up with nothing to stop them. Okay, sometimes revenge really is needed, but using the internet seems pretty tacky. If one needs to get one's own back on an ex-boyfriend, they should do the classic, ladylike, dignified thing - slash his tires, preferably on a rainy day.


lilfeathers2000 said...

Have a God Blessed Week.
Its Click and Comment Monday

sikamikanico said...

Thank you! Though it's Tuesday here, thank goodness, one less day till the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Great pic nic....whos the photographer? :P