Welcome to Sikamikanico Blogs, home on the web for politics, social issues and mirth by me, Nicola Bell.  I'm a Newcastle bred, Sydney based policy wonk, social commentator and freelance writer; mature age student, single mother, sloppy dresser. I'm proud to call myself a bleeding heart do gooder, moderate radfem, with a focus on economic justice and inequality, women's and children's rights, and socialist democracy. For all that, I'm not very good at being serious or an adult (although I maintain that having Coco Pops for dinner is an entirely grown up thing to do; children cannot do that after all).

I've been on Blogger since 2004, originally at the now-retired Xander and Nico Pod (though I've moved some of the less-heinous content over here) and now at Sikamikanico Blogs since 2011. My writing has been featured in Opus, the University of Newcastle student paper; Crikey; the online Wall Street Journal; No Fibs and the Down Under Feminists Blog Carnival. I've also been interviewed on radio including ABC Sydney 702, ABC Newcastle 1233 and 2SER; and for The Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers.

 Yeah, I know I'm fat, so you can save your time pointing it out; I don't consider it an insult. If you're a men's rights activist, you're not going to change my mind and your insults won't hurt me, so get off the computer and go volunteer at a homeless shelter or suicide crisis line, since men are disproportionately affected by homelessness and suicide.

I'm always interested in opportunities for writing, speaking on radio and social activism, so if you think we could work together, please drop me a line. Or just say hello - I love to hear from the tremendous people who read my blog.