Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Of My Insightful Post's

I sometimes feel as though I am waging a one-woman battle against the poor spelling, inaccurate punctuation, and general incomprehensibility that seems to be taking over modern communication. But I'm very pleased to report a minor, yet very personal, victory.

In my local shopping centre, there's a shoe repair/engraving shop which featured signs saying "KEY'S CUT". This used to send me into a lather of indignation. These weren't handwritten signs you understand, but professionally made signs someone had ordered and someone else had made up like this. I would pass that stand a couple of times a week, and every time I did a voice in my head would exclaim, "KEY'S CUT? KEY'S CUT!!! It's a plural, not a possessive!" I mean, key's what cut? Does key know you're cutting their stuff?

Then last weekend I was out shopping with some friends, who wandered over to the shop to look at possible christening presents. I followed, saying in a voice that was just possibly a tad too loud, "Oh no you don't! Look at their keys cut sign. Until they learn to punctuate properly they're not getting one red cent out of anyone!"

So I can't tell you how gratified I was to walk past the shop again yesterday and see that the offending apostrophes have been removed. The signs now read "KEY S CUT"
but I'm sure that will be rectified shortly. It's a great victory for anal retentives everywhere!

Anyway, I'm sick of hearing that spelling and punctuation don't really matter, that the basic message is what's important. Compare these sentences:

A woman, without her man, is nothing.
A woman: without her, man is nothing.

I think we all know which is the truism here.


carrie said...

awesome. haha.

sikamikanico said...

Some may say, I need to get a life...I say, they need to get a dictionary!

Tracey said...

Nothing gets up my nose quite like bad spelling and grammar...and there are examples of its misuse everywhere!!

Anonymous said...

im glad your words have changed the sign nic...being a teacher i feel the same! tremendous!

kitekat said...


sikamikanico said...

Anon - and what example are you setting by commenting in that fashion? :P (What happened to the account I gave you? ONTS, What happened to your phone? I tried leaving you a voicemail about it, but it cut off after about 5 seconds!)

Rowen said...

Key is usually such a placid guy. He's about as good natured as they come.

I guess that why when he gets really angry it's big news, and they need the sign.

I like to see Key's happy. But these days it's usually Key's sitting on the couch watching Key's DVD's.

Anonymous said...

Well done. Did you read Eats, Shoots & Leaves?

sikamikanico said...

Rowen: :D

Anon: A while ago I read it, I found myself nodding and laughing.