Happy Administrative Professionals Day

To all of my brother and sister admins, wherever you may be...

And I hope that, unlike our Dear Leader, your manager remembers what day it is today, and acknowledges all your hard work in a practical (i.e. PRESENTS!) way.

For the admin's work is never done...


  1. I was going to add the joke I made about "the tomb of the unknown admin". But I decided that given what day it was in Australia yesterday, it might be a little too sensitive. I present it here, so no one is offended without having to sniff it out.

  2. You could atleast make it a live feed. So we can see what you are wearing each day, and leave critical comments on how your shoes clash with your lipstick.

  3. How about a live feed so everyone could provide a running commentary on my work...

    "Oh dear...I wouldn't have collated that data like that...no, no, whatever you think is best..."

  4. Since when do you wear glasses? :P

  5. Since before my birthday was July 12th :P

  6. Ah... so around the time you started leaving your long socks on, while having sex. :P

  7. Shoosh, or it will be alot more than that.


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