Thursday, January 26, 2006

Just A Quick Thought

Today, I'd simply like to paraphrase the Desiderata:

Remember, for all that the populace keeps electing Liberal governments,
for all that there is so much we could do better,
this is still a bloody great country.

Happy Australia Day!!


Minardiau said...

Hey Nico

If you see this comment before 11am give me a ring on 4989905

I am thinking of going to Wake the Dead tomorrow night.

If you are not keen to go I would be happy for a few close friends to have drinks at my place.



Minardiau said...

As you can see. You diden't see this comment.

And I'm not going to Wake to the Dead.

Delete if you wish.

sikamikanico said...

Damn. Some weekends I check the net on Saturdays at the library...last Saturday I didn't.

I did go. I didn't have such a great time. It's not that anything went wrong (well, sorta, I'll PM you) but I felt tired and flat all night.

I'll write more about it here when I have time, which probably won't be today. Work too busy :(

kitekat said...

I guess piercing is out, school on Wednesay.

sikamikanico said...

Umm, I work full time, it'd have to be a Saturday anyway...

sikamikanico said...

Unless you want to meet me at Beaumont St at lunchtime Tues, we'll get it done at a beautician's there (no tattoo places) then have lunch and you'll be ready to go back to school. It's not like it needs time to heal or something. Let me know.