Last February, as you may know, I sent off my five-page written application to be a contestant on The Einstein Factor; speciaiist subject the Romanovs and the last days of Imperialist Russia. The app said I'd be contacted to go through to the next stage. I hadn't heard anything back, so I assumed I wasn't successful.

So you can imagine how surprised I was today to receive a call from the show's contestant co-ordinator, wanting a chat. She told me that she loved my subject, but that the producers wanted me to speak more on the politics of the time as well (they can't really be separated). I said that was fine, and she said that was the best news she's had all day, and she's calling back tomorrow to do a general and specialist knowledge phone interview. If that goes well, I'll be on the show filmed in Melbourne in June!

Woo-hoo! Oh, Sheet!

So I have 24 hours to brush up on my knowledge of Russian Revolutionary politics and general trivia. So nervous and excited! Wish me luck!


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